Monday, January 26, 2015

Unintentional Negativity!

Few days back during my evening walk I overheard a man shouting to his wife, while she was trying to cross the road with her daughter,

“Ek din tum dono ko koi gadi wala uda dega” (One day a vehicle will hit you both!!)

The said gentleman had already crossed the road with his son. The wife was visibly humiliated and ashamed, but the husband continued the rambling.

It left me wondering is this Care or Love?

How often we wish for terrible things for our loved ones unintentionally? The sad part is that the universe listens to all our commands and creates such situation in future.
So one day the lady will actually meet with an accident as the husband forewarned but wished for her. The rambling husband would proclaim after the accident “See this is what I have been telling you all along”.
And that’s how we invite terrible things in our lives by unintentionally wishing for it.

So friends be wise and control such negative unintentional comments and wishes. Especially when talking to kids don’t curse them on what they will do or not do in life.

Life is a beautiful gift, Positivity and Gratitude have the power to make it even better!
Wish you a very Positive week!

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