Saturday, April 16, 2016

Be conscious of your thoughts!!

How many of you know that we have two types of mind? One is the logical and conscious mind another is subconscious mind which maintains the breathing the heart rate etc. The beauty is the conscious mind is just 10% of the overall capacity, the hidden treasure is 90% which is often untapped!
All the religions and techniques of finding ones true calling and potential talk of tapping into the subconscious only.
Now the question is how do you know that the 90% subconscious mind is for real??

Do you recall the moment when you were thinking of one dear friend of yours and suddenly he called?
You find it difficult to sleep on some nights, only getting to know in morning that some one close to you was sick?
Some events happening in the real world resemble vividly to your last dream and you feel a sense of Deja vu?

All these incidences are the proof of the power of subconscious minds existence and the enormity of its powers. Everything you see around are either living or non living but at the atomic level we all are the same, same electrons, neutron and protons. And all things atomic- observe the same rules of the physical universe!! We all are oscillating at some frequency and this frequency decides the nature of our presence in the physical world. Similarly our thought also have same powers of frequency!! If our thoughts are positive we contribute to hope, enthusiasm, positivity and happiness, but if our thoughts are negative we contribute to scarcity, misery, sadness, poverty crime and all bad things.

The masters of the world of each era knew this and named this the law of attraction. Our thoughts are powerful, our thoughts are what makes us!
So its my humble request to you all readers is to guard your thoughts all the time, when ever you catch yourselves thinking bad or negative, say cancel-cancel and change the thought to a positive one!
This simple but powerful tool will transform your life. Yes thru this process you can attract, right people, money, health and happiness into your life. Try it..after all who doesn't want a happier and healthy life!

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