Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Is it the best i can give in this situation"??

While commuting from work, after a stressful day...lost in the professional thoughts, worried about things in general!! I caught myself in a nasty mood, question came in mind, Is it my best state? Is this state helpful to my family, will my wife and kids be welcoming if the same pensive mood continued??
Then i asked my self a question " Amit- Is his the best you can be in this situation?" 
And a smile crept on my face, a realization sunk in that, the worries were my self created images of future which may not be a real representation!!- this is not me, this is not the best of me.

With the new awareness, here i was renewed and fresh, went back home with a smile and welcoming attitude.
Over tea and breakfast asked the same question to kids and wife, we all agreed that if we do no justify our state in a situation and ask "Is it the best i can give"? Outcomes can be remarkable!

The question i ask you champions is to keep asking self in any situation "Is it the best i can give in this situation"??
Be the best you an be!

Always your in success!

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