Friday, March 27, 2015


There is an old Hindu legend that at one time all men on earth were gods but man so sinned and abused the divine that Brahma, the god of all gods decided that this special gift should be taken away from man and hid someplace where he would never find it again and abuse it.
One god said: "Let's bury it deep in the earth."Brahma said: "No, man will dig down in the earth and find it". Another god said: "Let's put it in the deepest ocean."Brahma said: "No, man will learn to dive and find
it there someday". A third god suggested: "Why don't we hide it in the highest mountain?
Brahma said: "No, man can climb the highest mountain. I have a better idea let's hide it down in man himself. Man will never think to look there.

Point: We all have the power to accomplish what we want to if we'll just stop looking elsewhere. –Unknown
Have a very productive and joyful week ahead!

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