Sunday, March 13, 2016

Earn Money easily!

Do you know the financial blue print of an adult is finalized when she is 7-8 yr old. What the child listens and experiences about money matters becomes blue print for finances for her.

If the child is born in a family where money is always scarce and a matter of deep anguish causing low self esteem among parents the child believes its very hard to get money.
On the other hand if the child grows up in a family where cash flow is smooth and the future looks secure the kids blue print of finances is smooth with belief that money is in abundance and can be earned in abundance.

If in your adulthood you are struggling with money do check your beliefs about money?
Do you recall such statements from Childhood:

  • Money doesn't grow on trees!
  • Money is the root of all evil!
  • Rich men always exploit the poor!
  • One should learn to live miserly with limited resources!
  • The world is facing a big scarcity!
  • One needs to work very hard to earn money!
Sadly none of the statements mentioned up are true!!
Its easy to earn money!
There is a lot of wealth and abundance of resources!
Its the rich with big hearts who run the largest of philanthropic organisations!

The life and universe thus shows you what you believe in. I have changed my thought about money and have witnessed liberation.
Do write back or call if i could help you reprogram your thoughts about money, health, happiness!
Truly yours in success!

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