Sunday, March 6, 2016

Why and when do we stop playing?

Woke up at a pleasurably 8 AM today thanks to Sunday. The normal time is 5:30 AM, with the smell of sweet Assam tea wafting in the air.

The commotion on the ground was less than ordinary, looked down from my 3rd floor flat and saw all kids of the building playing, cycling, chatting and laughing. No care for the passing time, no worries of whats in store today, just chilling in the moment.

I asked my wife "Why did we stopped playing" ?

She justified "Due to responsibilities"!!

But don't you see there are still some young at heart who play football, badminton or cricket even in 40s. Don't you also notice that the ones who play a daily sport or at least weekly are the happier lot with better health than people who do adda over tea & smoke and criticize others :).

When do we decide that we are old enough to abandon the most pleasurable thing "Playing" because we have grown up now.

Friends, to hell with growing up, refuse to let go off your interest, be playful, chill in the activity you chilled as a child.
Lets keep that 7 yrs old alive in thought and action. take chances, jump, smile, paint, draw, write, read, breath, make bubbles, eat acchhar, smell coffee, search old books, look for old snaps, listen to favorite songs, dig into childhood comics collection.

Enjoy your Sunday, be a kid again!!

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